Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a part of the festival?
Artist and Food Vendor Applications are available by mail and on-line at the end of January. Sponsorship acceptance begins in October and goes through the first of May.  Volunteers can email contact information any time of the year.
How do we find the festival?  
Click on the Map link on the home page.  As you approach Central Parkway at Pilot Knob or at Yankee Doodle Road you will see large yellow Art Festival signs on the corners of the road.
Is there an ATM available at the festival?
Yes, there is an ATM located inside the Eagan Community Center on the lower level for your convenience.
Is there Accessible Parking?
Parking is free. There is marked parking for accessibility close to the festival grounds.  Drive toward the yellow and white roofed tents and follow the signs.  There is a large parking lot for the general population and additional parking available at Argosy across the street from the festival.
Can I bring my dog?  
Park rules should be followed – animals should be leashed, under control and appropriate clean up action taken.  That said, it should be noted that the grounds are crowded with patrons and children and artwork so please take that into consideration as you make your decision.
Where is the lost and found?  
During the weekend of the festival Lost and Found is located at the Yellow and White Information tents.  After the festival,  Contact:
Is there first aid available?  
Basic first aid help is available at the Yellow and White Information tents.
Are the festival grounds accessible?
We strive to make the Eagan Art Festival accessible to all by including large print copies of the brochure and map on site at the information booth (yellow and white striped tents). We will work to make an interpreter available with a 72 hour notice to the festival director prior to the event. The festival grounds have an asphalt pathway that is fully accessible and a newly finished, on-site, accessible restroom with running water for your convenience.